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Job Description

What we do:

We clean homes and offices in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We take no short cuts and clean all objects from top to bottom.

Applicants should be energetic, positive, friendly, detail-oriented, have a hard work ethic, and exhibit strong moral values.

Items required for work-A reliable vehicle, a working personal cell phone (one that you’ll have on you at all times), and khaki pants or dress pants.

What the job entails: Cleaning Safari’s cleaners are expected to be very detailed and thorough in their cleanings. This may require long periods of patience, and sometimes being in one room for a long time. Cleaners are expected to uphold the highest value of cleanliness- which means returning all objects in the home to as close to brand new or perfect.

”Anything can be cleaned if it is scrubbed long enough, hard enough, and with the right techniques/equipment.”

Cleaners will follow the instruction from manager(s)/supervisor(s)when cleaning. The job does require driving from house to house and places the company logo magnets on your vehicle during working hours. Gas money stipends are provided when travel is beyond a 25 mile radius from your home.

Hours/Schedule:: Work days generally start at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm. The schedule is emailed weekly or bi-weekly to all employees. You are to keep track of your hours worked and to report them bi-weekly on Thursday night.

Pay: Pay is based on an hourly rate plus any tip and gas stipends. Paycheck are mailed out from the office every other Friday. Depending on where your paycheck is sent, you should receive it on Saturday or Monday.

Raises/ Ability to Advance: Raises are given to reward flexibility, ambition, improvement, and value. Cleaners will have the opportunity to advance to a supervisor or office management staff. If you do a great job, you'll unquestionably advance. Profit sharing may be negotiated in the top management positions.

About The Company: Cleaning Safari strives to become the absolute best and most professional company. We're continuously looking to expand and grow the business to a nation-wide franchisor. We're optimistic and serious about the future of the company.


1. Leave your cellphone in the car. (No outgoing or incoming calls while in a home. If you bring it in, for emergencies, set it on vibrate. )

2. NEVER use the homeowner's telephone! If you have to make a call, go to a payphone. Only is extreme emergencies is it okay to use a clients phone.

3. Don't touch or use anything (electronics, appliances, valuables, money) that you have no business with (besides for cleaning purposes). You are NOT permitted to use their stereo or television.

4. IPods, boomboxes, and personal stereos are okay. Keep the volume at a respectful level.

5. What people have in their homes is their own personal business. Our job is to respect their privacy while cleaning. We don't discuss personal and confidential items.