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Dress Code

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The dress code policy is to ensure that the company looks unified,and maintains a solid professional image.

Dress is Business Casual. This means no jeans, sweatpants, gym shorts, or warm-up pants.

Tatoos and Jewerly: Tattoos are to be covered at all times. Visible piercing jewerly (besides the ears) are not permitted.

Pants : Pants are to be clean, un-torn, and presentable. Acceptable pants are, Khaki pants, khaki shorts, khaki capris, and black dress pants.

Shirt/Uniform: You're expected to wear your uniform to every cleaning. Failure to wear it may result in disciplinary action. It is to be tucked in at all times. Jackets are not to be worn over it. In cold weather, you should plan on wearing a long sleeve beneath the uniform as an added layer. In no circumstance, should you arrive at someone’s front door with a jacket over your uniform.

Hats: Hats are not allowed. This includes baseball caps and visors.

Footwear:Leather dress shoes are recommended. Sport shoes are okay. Sandals are not permitted.

Showing up to work without a uniform: If you show up without a uniform, you'll very likely be sent home until you have one (unless it's a really busy day). Atleast, wear a polo shirt or something very conservative to lessen your chance of being sent home. NO EXCUSES.. If you're khakis are dirty, wash them. If your shoes are ruined, buy new ones. You must come to work prepared.