Independent House Cleaners Are Transient
The turnover rate of the cleaning staff in the hospitality industry is 97% per year, based on industry studies. The cleaning industry, itself, may fall just shy of this percentage. Furthermore, the cleaners are often transient in their professions. Cleaning companies can retain cleaners longer by providing them with 40 hours per week, transportation, and sometimes health benefits. Homeowners can constantly occupied in the search for a new, reliable cleaner after a maid's departure. . The time and expenses of interviewing and selecting new maid can be overwhelming. The cost-savings of hiring a individual vs. a cleaning company may prove non-existent after a never-ending search for the new, "perfect" maid.

What happens if the cleaner breaks something? If hiring an individual, always request a certificate of your maid’s insurance. If your maid does not have insurance, you are taking a tremendous gamble. If there is an accident in your home, you will be reliable and it is very unlikely that the maid will accept financial responsibility for accidents in your home.

Personal Maids Are Often Less Reliable
If your maid is sick, there will be no replacement. If your maid gets pregnant, there will be no cleaning. If your maid has car trouble, there might be no ride. Reliability is easily the chief reason to hire a cleaning company rather than an individual house cleaner. Cleaning Safari usually works in teams of two so if one member is sick, your home still gets cleaned.

Payment Can Be a Pain
Individuals usually like to be paid cash. This can leave homeowners with the added responsibility of playing “accountant.” You will want to document how much you pay the cleaner so that you can submit a 1099 form for the cleaner during tax season. Cleaning Safari accepts credit cards and pays all state and federal taxes.

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